I stallet

Watercolor drawing of a horse in its box

Jag blev inspirerad av Joseph Zbukvićs och Lisa Wangs fina vattenfärgsmålningar och målade därför en häst i sin box. Akvarell på 240 grams A4 papper. Fotoreferens använd.
“In the stable”
I got inspired by Joseph Zbukvić’s and Lisa Wang’s beautiful watercolour paintings and therefore painted a horse in its box. Watercolours on 240 gsm A4 paper. Photoref used.



I started out with a somewhat rough pencil sketch (which I later modified but I forgot to take a picture of it) where I tried to capture the most basic shapes while trying not to go into too much detail (which was hard);

Pencil sketch of a horse

Then I added some colour, mostly brown, red and black, but also a tint of blue and some yellow for the flooring;

A photo of a watercolor drawing of a horse in its box

More to come!