Horse head

Drawing of a horse's head

But look, another horse ;D (I really need to come up with better names for my drawings.)

Now this was a challenge! I started with a really rough sketch, then coloured the basic shapes and features and added more and more details after that. Didn’t plan to draw it all in one sitting, but oh well ;D

Time taken: ~3 hours
Drawn in Krita.

Horse head, sketch 1
The initial sketch
Horse head, sketch 2
Some basic colours
Horse head, sketch 3
More details
Horse head, sketch 4
Even more details. (From this stage and onward I didn’t use the sketch layer, but I forgot to hide it when screenshotting ;D)
Horse head, sketch 5
Some ears
Horse head, sketch 6
And the mane
Horse head, sketch 7
Final details

A full-res version (.jpg) can be found here.
A high-quality version (.png) can be found here.

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